A key element of JHLCT’s service activities is comprehensive customer support throughout the lifetime of the system.  Our obligation to the customer start at the conceptional phase and will end with the disposal of the system after a long and reliable life time.  Our focus ids not only to sell a product, but we also focus on developing and maintaining a closet and confidential partnership.
JHLCT can offer to its customers a complete range of high quality services.

Feasibility and Project Studies

By the independent nature of JHLCT a range of expert services can be provided:

  • System Concept Studies
  • Ship’s Topdeck design
  • Antenna Design and Colocation
  • Engineering studies

Above is only a limited list of the studies that can be provided.  The experianced staff of JHLCT can also provide inspections and assessment of existing systems and propose modernization and upgrades.

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Design & Engineering

The design and Enginering team is fully equiped with the hardware and software tools to perform devellopment tasks in a efficient way.  This eanbles the team to produce a complete set of Design and Enginering documentation including but not limeted to:

  • Project Definition Documents
    • Operation requirements
    • Technical Requirements
    • Interface Agreements
  • Test Procedures
  • System Integration Procedures
  • System Installation Documentation
    • Interface Block Diagrams
    • Cable Block Diagrams
    • Installation Control Drawings
    • Cable Installation / Interconnection Drawings

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TEMPEST Assessment

JHL Communication Technology and accredited partners deliver specialist TEMPEST Assessments of high quality, using the most efficient, and economical methods. 

With more than 30 years of experience in system protection against compromising emanations our registered TEMPEST certification staff are able to develop, maintain and certify facilities, systems and/or products up to the highest NATO SDIP standards or National Standards if required.

Our approach to TEMPEST assessments takes into account a broad range of factors.  During the initial visit, we outline the processes and begin to collect any existing documentation.  Following this meeting a project scope and schedule are developed and agreed upon by all concerning parties.

Based on this agreed scope, engineers will perform the TEMPEST assessment.  All steps and their result are documented to make this assessment process as transparent as possible.  To reduce the occurrence of false-positives JHL Communication Technology uses multiple tools and comparative analysis.

In addition to the measurements and the system assessment, a TEMPEST knowledge assessment can be conducted with operational users and the technical support staff.  The result gives a subjective indicator of the various users attitudes and knowledge sets regarding TEMPEST security.

Perhaps the most important step in achieving a secure environment is the establishment of policy and procedure documents.  These are not meant to be stagnant; instead they are dynamic documents that can adapt, change or improve with proper care.  It is important to keep these documents relevant and succinct.  An important stage in any assessment is to review any existing documentation; in this case we analyse the policies and procedures, system diagrams etc.  Recommendations are included for remediation and mitigating efforts.

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Manufacturing and system integration

JHLCT’s partners are manufacturing and integrating in its own laboratories, the capability of manufacturing equipment or parts assuring the highest manufacturing standard.

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Each System delivered is tested and verified against its charcteristics and performance as agreed by a number of tests cycles.  The main test milestones are:

  • Equipment Test
  • Pre-Factory Acceptance Test (Pre-FAT)
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • System Integration Test (SIT)
  • Harbor Acceptance Test (HAT)
  • Sea/Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

Each system is tested in stages all stages of the production till a full system set-up.  At the stage the full system set-up is reach a FAT will be conducted as last step before delivery to the customer.  During FAT all system functions, parameters and specifications are tested and verified. 

Simulations are only made where the real invironment can not be availlable. E.g. interfaces with other systems not part of the scope of delivery.

After delivery systems will be installed and the system are tested in their operational environment.

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Program Management

All contractual obligations of a program are managed by a team of experts.  A pProgram Manger will be apointed to be the designated point of contact for all matters in the program.  He will coordinate all activities within the program. 

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Field Service

In many countries field service is provided through highly skilled local service partners who have trained there staff at the OEM factory facillities and under contious support of the OEM field service staff.  The following services can be provided:

  • Installation
  • Set to work
  • Acceptance tests
  • Field assistance (performed by OEM’s staff of by local authorised repair agents)
  • Repair/Calibration Services(performed by OEM’s staff of by local authorised repair agents)

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Integrated Logitic Support

JHLCT provides the full range of Integrated Logistic Services to back-up its delivered systems for their lifetime. The logistic services incluide:

  • Devellopment of logistic concepts
  • LSA (logistic Support Analyses)
  • Relayability and Availabilty Data
  • Operator / Technical Manuals
  • Operator Training Courses
  • Maintainer Training Courses
  • Spare Part Packages

The logistic concept will be tailored to the special needs of each customer and will ensure through life support of the system and high operational availlability during there life time. 

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