Communication Equipment

Our Communication Equipment product groups are:

Wireless Communications / Networking

MA-250 Antenna Multicoupler           

The MA-250 Antenna Multicoupler allows two 50W VHF transceivers to share the same antenna, reducing the number of required antennas in radio communication systems.

  HF Wire Antennas    

Several models of HF Wire Antennas are available in the 1.5 to 30 MHz frequency range for stationary, vehicular and portable applications.
The antennas are designed for up to 150W CW input power, horizontal polarization and NVIS (near vertical incident sky wave) operation.


IC-201G GRIP Radio-VoIP Gateway

The GRIP Radio-IP Gateway provides to the radio users the ability to establish calls from the tactical network radio terminals to standard IP phones; symmetrically, the IP phones users can establish calls to the tactical network radio net. Call status information is available by voice prompts.

  IC201R RAP Radio Access Point

The RAP Radio Access Point enables radio users with IP access to originate and receive addressed telephone calls to/from the H.323 VoIP network.
Connections from a radio network to the IP network and vice versa are possible.

Digital Exchange (Telephone)

DSS Compact Digital Exchange

The DSS32 and DSS200 (Digital Switching System) are digital private automatic branch exchanges featuring modular design, decentralized control, ISDN (Basic and Primary rate accesses) and analogue line interfaces. 


CD-116 Field Digital Switchboard

The Field Digital Switchboard CD-116 is a state-of-the art digital switching unit for military field tactical networks requiring integration of voice and data communications.  With the CD-116, a wide range of equipment may be integrated in a field communication system:

  • Analogue telephones (Local Battery and Common Battery)
  • Digital terminals (voice and data) and computers
  • Radio equipment (Combat Net Radios and others)
  • Other switchboards, even old magneto type ones
  • Public Networks (analogue and digital)

BLC-201 Field Telephone

The BLC-201 Field Telephone is a rugged, lightweight and waterproof analogue telephone set designed according to military requirements and suitable for connection to manual (magneto) or automatic 2-wire switchboards, to a similar telephone or directly to the public telephone network (PSTN).


MDF-116 Main Distribution Box

The MDF-116 is an external distribution box that provides 26 pairs of binding posts and mirrors the CD-116 rear panel connector to which it is connected. 


BP-116 Battery Pack for CD-116

The BP-116 is a Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Battery Pack that provides DC power to the CD-116.  The batteries are housed in a rugged aluminum case, specially designed for use in field environments. 


BP-201 Battery Pack for BLC-201

The BP-201 is a 6V array of 4x type C NiMH batteries that powers the BLC-201 in the operations modes, Local Battery (LB) and Common Battery Signaling (CBS).

BPC-116 Battery Charger for BP-116  [pdf]

BPC-201 Battery Charger for BP-201


Intercom Equipment

ICC-201Intercom System

The ICC-201 Integrated Communications Centre is the right and optimal solution for vehicular and shelter-based applications.  It enables intercommunication among crew members of an armoured vehicle, a shelter or a fast patrol boat and their access to radio equipment; the system features voice and data communications, either over the air or via standard copper or ruggedized fibre optic cables, including Voice over IP (VoIP) functionality for inter vehicular communication and connection to an IP based tactical backbone.  The equipment features complex digital signal processing algorithms and can include Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets to be fully compatible with extreme noisy environments such as tracked vehicles and fast patrol boats. 



FDO Flight Deck Officer Communications

  • Simultaneous operation of internal and external circuits 
  • Headset for noisy areas 
  • Hand PTT 

EAL-310 Amplifier/Loudspeaker

The EAL310 Amplifiers/Loudspeakers enable broadcasting of two independent channels, one internal and one external. The sum of both may also be selected through the front panel switch




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