Communication and Infomation System Solutions

JHL Communication Technology a leading solutions provider of Communication and Information Technology for the defence market, solving complex communication challanges to address miltary and govermental requirements for:

  • Communication Architectures
  • External Communications (HF, VHF, UHF)
  • External Sattellite Communications
  • Internal Communications
    • Public Address Systems
    • Telephone Systems
    • Intercom Systems
    • Closed Circuit Television Systems
    • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Data Link Systems
  • Message Handling Systems
  • Computer Systems

Investing in Communication and information System Solutions means that you have to invest to day in a solution that is open for tomorows requirements.  JHLCT select open system architectures able to integrate previously unknown requirements at the stage they appear.  Building on proven platforms that can evolve as the operational requirements evolves. 

The current Communication and Information Systems has already made a huge transition in the last years from a mainly analog world to a digital world.  This transition will contunue with the integration of all kind of services in the wireless communicatioin systems all ready availlable in the wired communication information systems. 

To ensure tactical information superiority, in creased interoperability, Network-centric operations as well in improvement of quality of live, information exchnage in form of live video, Internet, Email, etc. has to be possible between mobile units, distance theatres, tactical headquarters as well the home land infrastructure. 

These additional operational services are cousing a growing load on the communication services, as the demand to move masive amounts of data increase. 

At the same time requirements are requesting reducing space, weight, manning and total costs of ownership

There fore JHLCT to getther with his partners has develloped a archtecture that can be tailored for all kind of platforms from Large Aircraft Carriers to small ships like a Minehunter/Patrolboats as well shore based communication centres. 

Additional to the above solutions for Headquarters and Navy indentical architectures are develloped for grond fources with thier specific requirements, but still keeping inteoperability. 

This joint approach to the architecture enables flexible and scaleble system solutions for to days communications and ready to enable tomorrows communications. 

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