SITEP Italia S.p.a.

Sitep Italia can boast a long tradition based on the design and manufacturing of advanced electronic systems finding suitable application in both military and civil fields from more than 20 years.

The ongoing investment in human and instrumental resources has permitted to the Company to achieve a number of goals:

  • gain a leading role among the suppliers of the Italian naval market;
  • establish its innovative potentiality exporting an up-to-date technology all over the world;
  • expand the application of its products and systems into the civilian market.

Company’s skills and knowledge allow to properly employ the resources available in order to lead them towards the technological update, so investing in the future.

SITEP systems and products are the proper answer when there’s a need of systems for navigation, communication, surveillance, control, monitoring and safety and such systems find application in a wide range of fields like ports, airports, railways, trucks, and in all military sectors. 

Products and services provided by the Company ensure reliability, quality and immediate support. 

The Company

Sitep Italia premises are based in a large industrial area easily reachable by means of a main communication way from La Spezia, a city known for the Naval Base and the shipyard activities.

Sitep is a leader in the local area market and has a multipurpose vocation just like the territory in which it has grown; the premises location is surrounded by the marine landscapes on one side and the Apuane Alps on the other just in proximity of Tuscany.

The Company history witnesses those values that still energize Sitep Italia wide-eyed policy, devoted to technology and services, on the wings of innovation.

Born as a small company in the field of devices for military vessels Sitep Italia has been growing up constantly through the years. 
The know-how and the experience gained by working with and for the Italian Navy have established an improvement process capable to bring the Company to produce systems suitable for the civilian field. 

The number of fields the Company’s products can be applied in, rather then causing a resources fragmentation, are the main stimulus for a constant service improvement and they represent the link between the R & D activity and the every-day technical solutions.


Sitep Italia strategy, thanks to the flexibility and experience the Company acquired through the years, is oriented to research and quality so as to ensure the best performances in any design and operating technical solution. 

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