Empresa de Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Electrónica S.A – (EID)

EID is one of the leading high-tech industries in Portugal, with a proven record and solid knowhow in the fields of electronics, communications and software engineering.  EID designs, manufactures and supplies advanced, high performance equipment and systems, mainly for the worldwide defence community. 

Operating in a demanding market, where an attitude of innovation is permanently required, EID has been successful in developing and launching state-of-the-art, sophisticated products and solutions. 

EID has supplied numerous systems and equipments over the years, both at home and abroad.  The export business is a significant share of the company turnover, thanks to the competitiveness and innovative character of EID’s products.  Moreover, the flexibility to supply solutions tailored to meet the client’s specific needs is a major, distinctive company asset.  EID operations are mainly focused on the following areas of defence electronics and communications: Tactical Communications, Naval Communications, Military Messaging and Systems Integration. 


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