EID is one of the leading high-tech industries in Portugal, with a proven record and solid know-how in the fields of electronics, communications and software engineering.  They design, manufacture and supply advanced, high performance equipment and systems, mainly for the worldwide defence community.

SITEP Italia Spa

Sitep Italia provides the design, both hardware and software, of a number of systems for Navigation, Meteorology, Satellite communication, Control and Monitoring, Surveillance and Safety.

Cooper-Gitiesse Srl

Creator of IMCOS™ (Integrated Multimedia Communications System), Gitiesse is a global brand in the Marine and Oil & Gas industries offering integrated solutions for internal communications and the distribution of alarms and signals.

Rapid Mobile (PTY) Ltd.

RapidM is the global leader in modem technology for HF and VHF radio communications. They serve customers in Military, Naval, commercial, and government/security markets requiring satellite independent, world-wide communications. They are a world leader in the area of high-end embedded, tactical, naval and strategic beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) modem technology and data networking solutions.

RTL Materials Limited

They are an all British design and manufacturing company that has a material technology for your own design and engineering innovation.

Theyhave developed a unique and internationally patented technology using thermoplastic reinforced composites (the bi stable reeled composite), which has valuable engineering properties in two distinctly different states.

DICOM, spol. s.r.o.

DICOM, a technology company developing and manufacturing highly dependable products for high-profile government entities in the field of military and law enforcement, aerospace and utilities. 

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