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RTL Materials Limited is a British technology company trading as RolaTube Extending Technology has a proven track record in thermoplastic reinforced composites.

Futured Products





Roll Up Mast System

Roll Up / Collapsible
Combat Ladder System

Roll Up Tripod System

Camery / Radar / etc.

Rolatube with embedded fibre optics installed to conduct geo technical survey

Numerous of applications across multiple sectors; Space; Defence; Homeland Security; Humanitarian Respose; Disaster Response; Radio Amateur (HAM); Nuclear; Oil and Gas Industry; Civil Engineering; Consumer & Retail


Rolatube have a material technology, patented as Bi-stable Reeled Composites, be used for a versatility of product innovations. Rolatube have been applying this technology since 1997 and have completed works against the most rigorous technical specifications.

Its essence is Extending Technology, in itself and in its use, and with such an approach in all areas of our operations. The simplicity is its strength, allowing great versatility and therefore applications, unique for each client and every assignment. Rolatube have the products for your operational requirements.

These products more commonly known as RolaTubes, are presented on this website, showing you a diversity of products, which has and will enable the end user in many sectors to perform their operational tasks.

RolaTube masts and tripods are light in weight and small for transport, without cutback in their operational performance.

We hope our website shows you the breath of how we integrate our technology in products you can use. with others and will spark some initial ideas of how we can focus our insight to help deliver your next challenge.


RolaTube have a strong in-house design competency and a design-lead ethos in our approach and therefore our people across the company.

This in-house design strength allows RolaTube to provide the critical components that complete customers’ requirements and with a complete in house production capability, RolaTube ensures client’s support at every stage of product’s live cycle.


The production and manufacturing of Rolatube applications is performed in-their own in Lymington, on the south coast of the UK.

In 2011 >RolaTube completed the fit-out of the new manufacturing facility affording a significant capacity, to allow them to produce client ready end products in volume. This facility of 1.500 m2 and its significantly expanded production capacity is a major development for RolaTube and reinforces the belief that our clients have in Rolatube technology.

The capacity to manufacture RolaTube in a wide range of sizes and materials is backed up by our machine shop, in which the development and small-scale production of ancillaries, drive mechanisms and other associated items can be undertaken.

RolaTube is certified by BSI, one of the world’s leading standards and certification bodies, to ensure that our products and processes maintain the highest levels of quality and consistency required in our demanding markets. The standards we are committed to meet are:-

  • ISO 9001 ensuring consistency in delivering the highest standards of product quality and customer service - expected August 2011
  • ISO 14001 minimising and continuously reducing our impact on the environment - expected end 2011








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