Computer and Network Equipment


WS805 Workstation

The workstation WS805 is a 19” ruggedised computer suitable for shipboard installation.  Basically, the unit is composed of a processing unit and an 18” high-resolution 1280x1024 flat-panel colour display. 
The flat panel luminance control, power switch, protection fuse and a lockable USB port are conveniently located on the front panel.  The power, keyboard, mouse and two Ethernet connectors are located on the rear panel.


IC-201G GRIP Radio-VoIP Gateway

The GRIP Radio-IP Gateway provides to the radio users the ability to establish calls from the tactical network radio terminals to standard IP phones; symmetrically, the IP phones users can establish calls to the tactical network radio net. Call status information is available by voice prompts.


IC201R RAP Radio Access Point

The RAP Radio Access Point enables radio users with IP access to originate and receive addressed telephone calls to/from the H.323 VoIP network.
Connections from a radio network to the IP network and vice versa are possible.


RSW-201 Rugged Router – Switch

The RSW-201 is a rugged and powerful router/switch to deploy IP based tactical networks.  Based on the Cisco Router Series 3200 in a rugged housing for vehicular or 19” rack assembly, the equipment provides five 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports, two Gigabit ports.
For quick field deploayment the RSW-201 is fitted with a two-wire SHDSL 2,3 Mbps port, using standard WD-1/TT wire for upto 15 Km distance.
RIP, RIP V2, OSPF, BGP routing protocols are supported as well as firewall, QOS, IPSEC, VPN, tunnelling and NAT functionalities.


SR-201 Rugged Server

The SR-201 is a rugged server designed to deploy services like situation awareness and military messaging in IP based tactical networks.  The system base is a highly reliable fanless Intel DualCore 1.6 GHz processor with an 80 GByte removable hard disk. 


DS-101 Docking Station for Rugged Laptop

The DS-101 is a docking station for rugged laptops in mobile and fixed applications; the unit provides mechanical mounting with shock absorbers and easy and fast hold and release mechanism designed for the Getac M220/M230
Addaptions for other laptop models on request.

laptops; if the mains voltage is not present, the units keeps supplying the output circuits from the battery. 


TMC Tactical Media Converter

The TMC Tactical Media Converter is a compact and rugged optical converter from two Ethernet copper twisted pair channels to light signals and vice versa for transmission over optical fibre cable, and vice versa.  


EA-1025 Tactical Power Unit

The EA-1025 is a tactical power unit for vehicular and command post communication systems; whenever the mains 230 VAC is present, the unit charges an external lead acid battery and supplies five 24 VDC output circuits for the communication system and two 19,5 VDC output circuits for two rugged laptops; if the mains voltage is not present, the units keeps supplying the output circuits from the battery. 



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