JHLCTs is a technology supplier in Antenna Systems for communication systems, ensuring effecicient and reliable communications under extreme conditions.  The antenna system is crucial in a communication system, a poor antenna system can not be compensated by a high performance transceiver system.  A good antenna system needs efficiency and mechanical strenght.  Efficiency to transform Electrical power to Electromagnictic waves and visa versa, mechanical strenght to with stand the hars operational environment. 

JHLCT designs and provide antennas to getter with renowed antenna manufacturers, each antenna system designed to the specific requirements, for Land, Mobile and Maritime environment. 

An efficient antenna system will get the best performance from any transceiver. However, an expensive transceiver is only as good as the antenna system permits it to be, especially when receiving weak signals. 

JHLCT provide Antenna System for the following specific applications:

And for your special application we are provide program specific Antennas and Antenna Systems taylered to your specifications.

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