Gitiesse is the manufacturer of integrated multimedia communication systems for ship use, internationally branded “IMCOS”.

The Factory, of around 3000 sq.mtrs is located into the industrial area of Genova West, at few minutes from the International airport and the Railway Station.

The company staff is composed by specialists with decades of experience in the field of marine communication, granting continuous in- house training to the new young staff periodically acquired by the Company as consequence of the Company rapid expansion.

The company history goes back to the old “Girotecnica” well known name in the field of navigation electronics as first designer and producer of innovative equipment like automatic plotting chart tables and electronic steering systems in the seventies, name further transformed into “Gitiesse Girotecnica” in the eighties and lately into Gitiesse.

The “IMCOS” project represents a major technological break through in the field of marine internal communication, kept ahead of the times by the extensive R&D performed by the Company engineers.
Several hundreds of installations are now sailing around the world proving Gitiesse success world wide.

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